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How a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Settle Your Car Accident Case

When you have been involved in a car accident, you can be left feeling overwhelmed, tired and angry. You may be angry at the drunk driver who collided with your vehicle and left you severely injured. You may be overwhelmed by the opinions of the defendant

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or insurance companies attempting to communicate with you. To find a person who can be your advocate is exactly what you need during such times of high stress. A personal injury lawyer can be your refuge and help you obtain the compensation you need to get back on your feet.

A personal injury lawyer will begin working on your personal injury case the minute you leave his or her office. During the initial consultation meeting, a personal injury lawyer will seek to understand what exactly happened the day you were involved in a car accident. A lawyer will even sit by your bedside to try

to hammer out the details of what happened on the day you were involved in a collision. The lawyer will try to figure out whether you have any fault in your case and to what extent damages may be recovered in your case.

Some victims are afraid to speak with a lawyer, because they may have influenced a part of the accident that resulted. Maybe they were talking on the cell phone before a drunk driving hit them out of nowhere. Maybe they were applying makeup at a stop sign when a teenager crashed into them. Even if one has contributed in some way to the accident that occurred, a lawyer may still want to pursue your case in court and obtain a settlement. In some states, the doctrine of contributory negligence will

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allow a party to recover the full amount in a settlement and minus any percentage that is attributed to a person’s own fault. This means that a person may be able to recover a settlement for 90 percent of his or her damages in a case where the drunk driver was 90 percent at fault for the resulting accident.

After gathering the facts, the next step that a personal injury lawyer will take is to submit a complaint to the appropriate court. A lawyer will submit a complaint that outlines all of the reasons for why an injured party should recover damages. The complaint will allege the facts that constitute negligence in the case at hand. Drafting a complaint is one of the most important tasks that a personal injury lawyer will do for a client who has been injured in an auto accident.

Following the complaint, the lawyer will likely seek to obtain discovery materials from the opposing counsel. The lawyer may want access to photographs, accident reports, previous criminal records and evidence that shows a driver was drunk, distracted or impaired at the time of the accident. This information will be essential for proving a claim of negligence in court. By completing and submitting court documents, a personal injury lawyer will assist you in a powerful way to further your cause.

Canadian Personal Injury Lawyers Help Clients Organize Auto Injury Claims

Organizing an auto injury claim is difficult for most Canadians to do by themselves. This isn’t surprising because Canada’s personal injury laws require people to

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collect and organize evidence that supports their auto injury claim before they can attempt to collect compensation for their injuries.

One way to resolve this bothersome problem is to hire a personal

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injury attorney who can help you organize your auto injury claim before it enters your province’s court system. It’s a good idea to ask a personal injury attorney in your province for help organizing an auto injury claim because most personal injury lawyers have many years of experience helping Canadians prosecute auto injury claims in provincial courts across Canada.

Most personal injury attorneys in Canada use a process that can help you organize key details about your auto injury claim before it is presented in court. Let’s explore how this process is typically used to understand why it’s a good idea to hire a personal injury attorney to organize your auto injury claim.

Step 1: The lawyer obtains and organizes information about the accident that caused your injuries.

This information typically includes accident reports, driver statements, witness statements and police reports that provide details about how the accident occurred.

Step 2: The lawyer organizes insurance information from the other parties involved in the accident.

This information is vital because it helps personal injury lawyers determine the best way to prosecute an auto injury claim for your injuries.

Step 3: The lawyer organizes information about how your injuries have impacted your daily activities.

This information usually includes details about your medical expenses, lost wages and damages to your automobile. This information is usually collected as soon as possible to determine your legal options.

Step 4: The lawyer organizes details about Canada’s personal injury laws to suggest a course of action.

This information usually includes details about your province’s statute of limitations and information about personal injury liability laws that allow people to collect compensation for an auto injury claim. This information is vital because it helps your lawyer determine

if you have a valid claim for compensation for your auto accident injuries.

Step 5: Finally, the lawyer organizes and prepares the information collected for presentation in court.

This step entails organizing

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and preparing copies of your documentation for use in court. This is a very important part of prosecuting an auto injury claim because Canada’s court system requires lawyers to organize their cases in a way that is coherent and legible.

As you can see, Canadian personal injury lawyers collect and organize a lot of information that is used to prosecute an auto injury claim. It’s important that this information is collected and organized neatly because Canada’s court system requires personal injury claims to be organized in a coherent matter.

As a result, be sure to ask us today about how we can

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help you organize your auto injury claim. We’d happy to help you understand how we can help you organize your auto injury claim in such a way that it maximizes your potential to receive compensation for your injuries.

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